Music Shops in Hull

Find the best places in Hull to buy music equipment.

Here at Guitar Lessons Hull, we are often asked by our guitar students which are the best local music shops they should go to for all their daily guitar needs!

Students also want to know the best guitar store to snap up a bargain or purchase a dream guitar - to help them along we have compiled a list of what we consider to be the best local guitar shops Hull has to offer! So in no order...

Antone's Guitars

Antone's Guitars located at 326 Beverley Road, HU5 1BA, is a guitar shop bursting with quality guitars and guitar equipment. Opened way back in 1980 Antone's Guitars can more than look after all you daily guitar needs as well as much besides this, stocking a huge array of guitar brands including Fender, Gibson, Tanglewood and Martin to name a few. Boasting some fantastic guitar equipment, including more amps, guitar pedals and other accessories than you could shake a hand this music store is certainly capable of supplying the needs of your more advanced guitarist. Antone's Guitars also offers a fantastic guitar repairs service as well as a good used guitars collection that is worth checking out! Top guitar store - go and check it out.

Gough and Davy

Gough and Davy is one of the oldest music stores in the country. Established way back in 1860 as a piano store Gough and Davy have thrived in Hull supplying premium instruments to local residences for over 150 years. Located at 13 Paragon Street, HU1 3NA the well-rounded music store boasts a wide range of guitar makes, including some of the more unusual brands like Danelectro and Stirling, that cater for all sizes of budget. With friendly helpful staff, Gough and Davy can more than supply your daily guitar needs.

Paddys Music

Located at 519 Hessle Rd, Hull HU3 4UD, Having started in 2015, Paddys music is a top of the range local music store that offers a small range of guitars, Basses & other instruments. They also have a very popular repair service. The store is known for having really great staff who will help you with everything you need & depending on your situation can offer valuable advice on everything from buying a guitar to the upkeep of an instrument. They also have an extensive online store which is worth checking out if you want to see what is in stock.


Axesrus is the place to go in the area if you want to buy guitar parts. They offer a wide range of parts as well as pick ups, tremelo units & electronics. They have a great website showcasing the vast amount of parts they sell. You can also arrange to have your guitar set up or repaired if you go to the store. You can find them on 78 Mollison Rd, Hessle, Hull HU4 7HH.


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