Recording and Rehearsal Studios in Hull

Find a local recording or rehearsal studio.

Here at Guitar Lessons Hull we are never more proud than when we hear that one of our guitar students has entered the recording studio for the first time.

It is something all guitarists should aspire to do one day. We are also extremely passionate about supporting up and coming local bands, to help them along we have drawn together a list of what we consider to be the best recording studios in Hull to record your debut EP within! So in no order...

Fairview Recording Studios

Fairview Recording Studios is well known by local musicians as the place to record at in Yorkshire! Having been around since 1966 thanks to pioneering local musician and recording enthusiast Keith Herd the studio has seen many successful artists walk through the doors, the likes of The Beautiful South, The Housemartins, Def Leppard, Mick Ronson and Robert Parmer to name but a few! Boasting the best recording equipment around the resident sound engineer John Spence has built a reputation as one of the most skilful men behind a mixing desk. Located on the Cavewood Grange Farm, Common Lane HU15 2PE the studio can be rented for a fantastic price each day - a studio you must check out if you are looking to record some seriously impressive tracks.

Engine 7

Engine 7 is one of the UK's leading recording studios. Multi-award winning the studio located at 109 Fairfield Avenue, HU10 7UN, however, specialises in sound production for television, game and radio than for recording bands. Here at Guitar Lessons Hull, we would love to see Engine 7 move into the musical recording side of the business as the quality of recording that Engine 7 release really is second to none. Hopefully, something to keep your eye on in the near future.

Hairy Monster Audio

Located at 113 Endike Ln, Hull HU6 7UJ, Hair Monster Audio is a small recording studio in Hull with separate tracking and recording rooms. Built in 2011 the studio has already established a reputation for high quality recordings with popular bands such as Salem and Abo Vo already among the list of regular clients. They are known for having friendly staff who will help you create high quality recordings.

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